Deori village in Jharkhand now popularly known as 'Aloe Vera Village'

Manju Kachchap speaking to ANI. (Photo/ANI)
Manju Kachchap speaking to ANI. (Photo/ANI)

Ranchi (Jharkhand) [India], August 27 (ANI): Deori village in Nagri block of Ranchi is famously called the 'Aloe Vera Village' due to a substantial amount of Aloe Vera being produced in the village.

When visiting Deori, one can easily spot Aloe Vera flourishing in the courtyards and the fields.

While speaking to ANI on Thursday, Manju Kachchap from a female farmers' group said that it started in 2018 and they were told that these plants take around 18 months to grow.

"A proper training was given by Birsa Agricultural University and plants were available to us for free of cost. Demand for Aloe Vera surged up during COVID-19 due to certain rumours regarding immunity-boosting by consuming its juice. With the high demand for Aloe Vera gel, we are working towards taking our products to the next level. Aloe Vera production requires less attention in terms of irrigation," Manju further said.

The majority of the Aloe Vera is cultivated by the women of the village, the process has allowed them to earn a livelihood for themselves and achieve self-reliance.

"This has enabled us to become independent financially. Earlier we were dependent on male members of the family. But things have changed we are making our own money by cultivating and selling Aloe Vera," said Munni Devi, one of the many cultivators.

Farmers expressed that government should take some extra steps to provide a much broader platform and facilities to generate more income.

Aloe Vera cultivation in the village started under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)- Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) tribal sub-plan (TSP) in December 2018. Presently, almost the entire village is involved in this.

The Birsa Agriculture University is working in close coordination with the women of the village to ensure the entire harvest is sold off within the state. (ANI)

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