Dermatologist explains why — and how — to clean your showerhead

Dermatologist Scott Walker is sharing on TikTok why you should be cleaning your showerhead, and many viewers are offering up their surprise.

Walter (@denverskindoc) stitched a trending video and explained that he recommends cleaning the showerhead at least once a month because of all the dirt that can build up.

“We should be washing our showerheads, and you know why?” he asked. “Biofilms.”

According to Walter, biofilms are bacterial colonies that live inside the showerhead. He says that when you shower, these bacteria enter the air and can get into the lungs and could affect your skin. This is especially important to monitor for those who smoke, are immunocompromised or have lung disease, he says, as the bacteria has been linked to skin diseases and other conditions.

Many TikTokers expressed frustration at having yet another thing to clean in their house.

“One. More. Thing. To. Clean,” commented @nels52366.

“There’s so many things,” commented @ddinu_yyoon. “Why is life so hard everyday something new.”

Walter did more than just inform TikTokers that they had bacteria in their showerheads. He also demonstrated how to clean the fixture.

In a separate video, Walter showed how you can clean the showerhead with vinegar. (He acknowledged that some recipes call for vinegar and baking soda, but warned that when the two combine, the cleaning power is neutralized.)

For the first method, detach the showerhead and soak it in vinegar for four hours or overnight.

Another option that Dr. Walter recommended is tying a plastic bag around the sprayer and clamping it with a rubber band so that you don’t have to unscrew anything.

The comments also mentioned that cleaning the showerhead does more than sanitize it. The process also restores strong water pressure by removing the calcium build-up.

Although several TikTokers appeared upset that they had something else to clean, others seemed pleased to know what comes out of the showerhead.

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