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A very important point that needs to be mentioned here is that in order to examine a song and whether or not it conforms to the above definition, we must consider only its "words," that is, apart from music, we know that many songs are accompanied by music. They accompany and most of the songs are composed to accompany the music; But here these two parts must be separated from each other. And the necessity of this is because in many cases what causes fantasy and as a result causes the same familiar problem, that is, confusing a song or poem; There is music. Basically, the quality of music is in this imagination and attracts the listener. Examples abound; From songs like "How beautiful you are tonight!" And "You don't love me anymore" and… take the music and see which attracting factor remains? !!!

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So it can be seen that this time our answer is negative, because the song is a poem and again based on the same definition, its range is from pure speech (rhythmic or unbalanced) to poetry.

In addition to what has been said, as well as one or two things that will be mentioned, we can give a definition - although

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Broken leg - arrived from the song. The summary of what has been said can be summarized as a verbal song, sometimes poetic and sometimes non-poetic, sometimes rhythmic and sometimes non-rhythmic, which in many cases is common with poetry in aspects such as the use of rhyme or format.

So far the work can be said, but this definition is not yet complete. In order to reach a relatively complete definition, two other important features must be mentioned:

The first is the issue of language. The language of a song is different from the language of poetry, but as mentioned, its definition cannot be confined to the realm of colloquial language. If we want to clarify the discussion of language in the song to some extent (despite its great breadth), we can consider two aspects:

The first aspect is to distance oneself from the traditional and ancient language. Unfamiliar words have no place in the song. Also, the structure of ancient grammar and the interpretations and combinations that can only be found in ancient literary books take the song away from "song". Maybe even using "z" instead of "az" for a song is catastrophic!

Another aspect is distance from the official language. The official language here means what can be considered the official language or perhaps the language of the book, that is, what is included in the official text but has no place outside it. The song should be close to the language of the people, but this closeness does not simply mean colloquial language (although in most cases the same language is used in the song)

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