A Designer's Super-Easy Hack to Hide an Ugly Dishwasher

Hadley Keller
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Photo credit: Carmel Brantley Photography
Photo credit: Carmel Brantley Photography

From House Beautiful

If you read House Beautiful's tour of designer Danielle Rollins's Palm Beach apartment last month, you were probably drooling over all that Martinique, those striped walls, and that chic trellis ceiling. So, I understand if you might have skimmed over one of the most genius things in the apartment. But I'm here to call attention to it.

While Rollins loved her condo's location, she didn't love the "just plain ugly" '70s design aesthetic—but also didn't want to do a full gut reno. In the kitchen, she started by painting the cabinets a fresh navy blue, giving them a modern look that still fits with the home's beachy vibe. But it's how she hid the apartment's dishwasher that really wowed me: She simply covered it in peel-and-stick wallpaper.

If you know me, you know I love a good unexpected wallpaper application, and this one is a truly excellent example. Smart and pretty, it covers an ugly, non-paintable surface and provides the opportunity to add a little pattern in a room that doesn't usually get much of it (since, you know, your kitchen wall space is mostly covered by cabinets). And since it's peel-and-stick, you can apply it to SO many surfaces—even cheap plastic appliances.

Rollins used a bright coral bamboo pattern from Mitchell Black, which provides a fun contrast to the blue and white cabinetry. The company offers its peel-and-stick papers in a 2' x 4' size, which just may be big enough to cover your dishwasher with just one piece.

Looking for something different? Check out some of our favorite removable wallpapers below.

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