'Dexter: New Blood' trailer: Dexter finally meets his teenager son

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10 Sep 2021: 'Dexter: New Blood' trailer: Dexter finally meets his teenager son

Ever since the ninth season of Dexter was announced late last year, fans weren't able to keep calm. Titled Dexter: New Blood, the limited-episode series got a new trailer recently. Lasting almost two minutes and 20 seconds, the clip is a mix of emotions, thrill, and suspense, because we finally get to see Jennifer Carpenter's Debra Morgan and also Dexter's (Michael C Hall) son.

Details: Dexter is driving a mini truck, police car follows him

The trailer starts with a helicopter shot of a snow-clad place. A mini truck zooms past, and we see Dexter Morgan driving it while keeping an eye out for a police car, which is following him. He has a sharp butcher's knife inside his vehicle, which is why he is so tensed and anxious. After pulling up, he asks, "Is there a problem, officer?"

Breakdown: Safe move! His love interest is a police officer

"James Lindsay, huh," says the woman cop, and Dexter corrects her, emphasizing on "Jim." She asks him to come out for a check. While doing so, she gets a call on the intercom, and we learn that she is chief Angela Bishop, Dexter aka Lindsay's love interest. Then we see other shots of Iron Lake in Upstate New York, the place he lives now.

Fact: Watch the trailer here

Characters: Crafty murderer on the run, Debra finally speaks

Then, people are greeting Mr. Lindsay, and we understand he's everyone's favorite, a reputation he has maintained since season one. Introducing himself as a "wolf among sheep," Dex shows us his way of life. Soon, we learn that a murderer, who leaves "no bodies, no pattern," is on the loose. Dex's basal instinct wakes up again. Finally, we hear Debra, Dexter's dark passenger, talking.

End: 'You cannot wait to kill again. Have you learned nothing?'

"You are a serial killer. You love that you're getting away with murder and you cannot wait to kill again. Have you learned nothing?" she asks. The trailer ends with a teenager searching through Dexter's things, and we realize it is his son, Harrison (Jack Alcott). The series, which will be of ten episodes, will start airing on Showtime from November 7.

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