Diablo 4 has a PvP bug that makes players immortal

 Diablo 4
Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players are reporting a "critical" PvP bug that is making opponents unkillable.

Last week, a player who goes by the name DeadlyCrush shared a post on the Blizzard forum after discovering a bug that ruins PvP gameplay (via GamesRadar+). The post explains that they found a PvP zone that makes players immortal and subsequently makes matches unplayable against opponents.

"Someone found PvP zone immortal bug while PVP playing," the post reads. "Even without considering that PvP is endgame content, this is a very serious and critical bug that ruins the gameplay."

It's further explained that invincibility occurs when a player first stands on the border of the PvP and PvE areas and uses any skill once. Then after using a "normal" strike once, use a Scroll of Cursed Chaos to become unkillable in the PvP zone.

"If you return to town or leave the PvP zone, invincibility is canceled. However, you can repeat above method over and over[,] leveling, farming and getting the red powder," the user added.

A Korean player shared a video to their YouTube channel after the bug was recognised which shows the glitch in action. The opposing player's health bar remains completely full even after numerous hits after they use a teleportation scroll.

Another YouTube video demonstrates the same thing, while this player just seems to run around showing their invulnerability to enemy damage. It's unclear whether this is a class-based bug, but users in the comments are stating that it can be exploited with every class - like the Sorcerer in the video.

Blizzard has yet to comment on the bug or offer any information about when the issue could be resolved. It's becoming an issue in the PvP scene, so it's likely to be addressed by the developer in upcoming patch notes.

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