Different communities in Gujarat contribute to Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations

Surat (Gujarat), September 20(ANI): - Recently, when the entire country was soaked in Ganesh Chaturthi festivities people of different religious communities were seen contributing to its festivities in many ways. In Surat city of Gujarat, Muslim artists were preparing a thermocol Ganesh Pandal on the model of Ayodhya’s Ram Temple. Led by Ansari, eight Muslim artisans worked for ten nights straight to develop this beautiful thermocol replica of Ram Temple. Just like the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the model has 174 pillars with four dome structures. A two feet idol of Lord Ganesha dressed as Lord Ram will be placed inside the structure. This model will be placed at the pandal in Surat’s Adajan area and the workers hope that everyone likes and appreciates their hard work and noble gesture. In another city of Gujarat called Navsari, members of a Parsi family in Pinjara Mohalla have been celebrating the festival since the last 15 years as a gesture of the religious bond shared between the communities. At Least 35 members of the Khambatta family from Navsari and Mumbai gather at his house for installation of Ganesh Idol and stay there till the idol is immersed in waters. The Ganesh Idol is made of clay from the banks of river Ganges in Kashi and is adorned with American diamonds from Surat. It is due to gestures and deeds like these that India stands united and undivided and this bond of brotherhood and bonhomie is clearly visible to the entire world.

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