DINE & DASH: 2 guys rush out of karaoke bar without paying, get into accident

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Two guys had to learn this the hard way yesterday when they got into a car accident shortly after rushing out of a karaoke bar without paying.

The incident happened in Barangay Ayala, Zamboanga City last night. Police Inspector Danilo Ybid, deputy chief of Police Station 9 told ABS-CBN News that the two unnamed men had a drinking session in a karaoke bar where they were billed PHP700 (US$12.89).

Not wanting to pay for it, the two dined, rode a motorcycle, and dashed at a high speed. They were apparently driving so fast that the bar staff failed to catch them.

While this fast and furious attitude helped them get away, it’s also what caused their accident.

According to the same report, the men were in such a hurry that they didn’t notice that a cargo truck carrying 18 tonnes of rubber was approaching a junction on the road.

The men ended up getting stuck under the truck after their motorcycle hit the side of the vehicle. A jack was used to lift the truck and rescue the two.

The pair sustained wounds on their head and bodies and are currently recuperating in a hospital.

The truck driver said that the accident was not his fault, claiming that he even slowed down as he saw a police checkpoint on the road.

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