Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets recalled after metal pieces cause injury

Tyson is recalling approximately 29,819 pounds of its frozen dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets after some consumers reported finding “small, pliable metal pieces” in some of the nuggets.

The problem was first discovered after a consumer reported a “minor oral injury” after eating a chicken nugget and finding a small metal piece. Tyson contacted the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

While only a “limited number” of consumers reported finding the metal pieces, the company said the voluntary recall was “out of an abundance of caution”, in a statement released on Saturday.

FSIS said there have been no additional reports of injury or illness other than the one reported minor oral injury.

The product in question is Tyson’s 29-ounce package of “Fun Nuggets” which are fully cooked, breaded chicken patties in the shape of dinosaurs.

Tyson’s “Fun Nuggets” are marketed for children as a quick and enjoyable meal.

The product is pre-cooked white meat chicken, breaded and cut into the shape of dinosaurs. Individuals who purchase the product only have to heat them via a microwave or conventional oven.

The popular product is extremely popular and made up 21 per cent of Tyson’s total nugget sales in 2021, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The recall will only affect packages produced at one of its locations on 5 September. The company listed a series of product codes on packages that may be impacted.

Anyone who purchased the product recently is being asked to check its product code. The FSIS said they were concerned that the impacted nuggets could be in consumers’ freezers.

Anyone with concerns about injury or illness from the product should contact a healthcare provider.