Dior wants you to try on its new sneakers in your living room

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Since fashion addicts in some countries no longer have the possibility to travel to their favorite shops to boost their wardrobe with the latest trends, some brands are getting extremely imaginative to make online shopping more fun. For instance, French luxury brand Dior has collaborated with Snapchat to allow its users to test their new models from the comfort of their own homes.

Augmented reality already figured in many consumers' decision-making when it came to buying online during last spring's lockdown. The use of this technology by many retailers allowed customers to virtually try on makeup and clothes from home before buying.

Now, to mark the launch of its new sneakers, the B27 range, Dior has worked hand in hand with social media network Snapchat to offer a new digital experience to its members. As of this past Friday, they can virtually try on six new models designed by Kim Jones, creative director of the luxury house's menswear collections. This is made possible through a new lens developed for generation Z's favorite app.

To give the shoes a virtual test drive, you just need to click or scan the QR code from the Snapchat app, and to select the model of sneakers you want to try on and visualize them directly on your feet with several outfits. Once you choose the pair that you like best, you can order it directly from Snapchat or  Dior.com.

This luxurious B27 range, inspired by the vintage 1980s look from the universe of skateboarders, boasts refined leather and the iconic Dior logo. Two versions of these sneakers are offered, high-top and low-top in white, black and grey.