DIR EN GREY vocalist diagnosed with voice disorder

DIR EN GREY vocalist diagnosed with voice disorder

13 Feb – A vocal disorder inflicted on Japanese metal band DIR EN GREY's vocalist, Kyo, has forced the band to suspend all of its activities until he fully recovers.

According to Tokyo Hive, Kyo was diagnosed with Vocal Nodule Dysphonia and has been advised by his doctor to not exert his voice. Although his condition is not considered life-threatening, Kyo is expected to go through an early surgery for his deteriorating pharyngeal polyp and he would need as much rest as possible.

The band was scheduled to visit 14 cities in their North American tour in March, but due to Kyo's current condition, the tour was cancelled and the band later announced that it would suspend all of its activities until Kyo recovers.

"We apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the trouble this has caused our fans and everyone concerned. We hope you will understand that this is a difficult decision as a band. We are always thankful for the support from our fans," the band wrote on their official website.

Kyo was previously hospitalised for inflammation on his vocal cords in 2006 and 2009 which had led to cancellation of his performances.

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