'The Nun' director shares terrifying on-set paranormal experience

Kevin Polowy
Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

The ghost stories on the sets of the Conjuring movies have been well-documented. So it’s no surprise that the new horror film The Nun, a spinoff prequel that follows the evil Valak introduced in The Conjuring 2, came with its own real-life scares.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, director Corin Hardy said that before he rolled cameras, he had the set blessed by a priest in hopes of warding off evil spirits. Despite his best efforts, the filmmaker says he wound up having his own terrifying paranormal experience on the film’s Romania set.

They were shooting a sequence called the Corridor of Crosses in a fortress in Transylvania, recounted Hardy, who was joined by star Taissa Farmiga. The filmmaker said he had his monitors set up in “this little cell room along the sides of this long corridor.

“As I stepped into the room I saw a couple guys sitting in [the back] of the room,” Hardy said. “I presumed they [were from] the sound department. I said, ‘Hi,’ and I quickly turned around — I had my back to them. And I was watching the monitors, I was watching Taissa, I was watching the camera, and it was quite a difficult scene to coordinate, and it took about half an hour.

“So I was sitting there, there’s only one doorway in and out of this room, and we finally got the shot. I turned around to say, ‘Oh, did you see that? What did you think?’ And there’s no one in the room. And there never had been.”

It’s just more proof: If you want to have a nice and horrifying ghost run-in, just make a Conjuring movie.

The Nun’Taissa Farmiga and director Corin Hardy seem to have a… habit… of fighting with the evil sisters of the cloth. (GIF: tumblr)

The Nun is now in theaters. Watch the trailer:

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