Disabled boy receives 3D printed mechanical hand


BALIK PULAU: A boy who was born without fingers on his left hand was pleasantly surprised to receive a gift from a 3D printing operator that enabled him use his hand today.

Mohd Akhmal Danial Mohd Hassan, 13, who does not have fingers on the left hand was grateful and touched by the contribution of a mechanical hand by a caring and generous individual.

“With the assistance of the 3D mechanical printed hand, the movement of my left hand has improved and I could lift things without assistance,” said the student of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St George Balik Pulau.

The only child of Mohd Hassan Mohd, 67, and Rahana Kechut, 56, Mohd Akhmal is now trying to use the 3D mechanical hand which is activated by his muscle movement.

In fact, according to the designer of 3D mechanical hand, Sujana Mohd Rejab, by June, Mohd Akhmal Danial was expected to be able to use the 3D mechanical printed hand electronically as it could be activated by voice command via mobile phone. -- BERNAMA