[Discuss and win a book!] Are you for or against investing in cryptocurrency? And why?

Yon Heong Tung
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We will be giving away 10 signed copies of “Crypto Currencies” by Dr Julian Hosp, Co-founder and President of TenX

A new gold rush is sweeping across the globe like a herd of frenzied wildebeest. Cryptocurrency, a once-esoteric field that attracted mostly Cypherpunks (crypto enthusiasts), is moving out of its shady shadows and getting mom-and-pop investors all excited.

Even big investment firms who once scoffed at these new-fangled investment products, such as bitcoin, ether and ICOs, are now changing their tune.

But many are cautioning restraint; some warn that cryptocurrenecy bubble may pop soon. Others say cryptocurrency is in its infancy and that it still has a bright future ahead.

e27 would like to ask whether you — our readers — think cryptocurrency should be a legitimate entry in any respectable investment portfolio, or whether it lacks strong foundations and will soon collapse under the weight of its own bloated hype.

Send us your comments below and the top 10 entries will win a signed copy of TenX‘s Co-founder and President Dr Juilan Hosp’s book on cryptocurrencies, simply entitled “Crypto Currencies“.

This competition is open to all of our readers — regardless of where you reside. TenX will cover all shipping and delivery costs.

Fire away!

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