Disgusting! US Man Poops in Supermarket Freezer, Woman 'Finds It' During Grocery Run

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Everyday, bizarre incidents surface online which either leave you shocked or amused. However, what happened in Oklahoma City’s Crest Foods is beyond disgusting and unhygienic. A man defecated in a supermarket’s freezer and left the store after covering his waste with a bag of pizza rolls. The supermarket was not aware about the incident until a mother got the waste on her hands.

Shirley Wright-Johnson, who came to shop groceries with her children, reached out to the freezer to grab a bag of pizza rolls. On holding the bag, she felt something squishy underneath. Shirley turned over the bag and got the horrific shock of her life as she saw human waste sticking to the bag and now her hand too.

Speaking to News 4 Oklahoma, Shirley shared that she was disgusted on seeing human waste on the bag of pizza rolls. “I was almost in tears, I was upset, and I felt like I was violated, I was disgusted,” said the mother of three. Shirley got hold of herself after making the disgusting discovery and alerted store employees immediately.

Later, the incident was reported to the police and Moore Police Department confirmed that the faeces were of a human. In the security camera footage, a man was seen heading to the freezer section where he proceeded to defecate inside one of the coolers before leaving the supermarket. The same person was also seen taking pictures of female customers in the store.

Describing the outfit of the man, police said that he was wearing dark jeans and a hoodie with white sneakers. Though he has not been identified yet, police are hunting for him.

As far as Shirley is concerned, she got her hands ‘bleached’ to escape the horrific smell of the human waste. Oklahoma-based Crest Foods have not commented on the incident yet.

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