Dish satellite TV receivers finally join smart assistant movement

Dish has launched a new voice remote with dedicated Google Assistant button

Dish has begun rolling out a software update to Hopper satellite TV receivers that gives owners access to the Google Assistant.

In January at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Dish announced its plans to integrate the Google Assistant into its lineup of Hopper Family receivers sometime in the coming months. On Wednesday, the feature finally began rolling out as part of a software update.

With the Dish voice remote control, users can control their TVs with their voices as well as ask the Assistant questions outside the realm of television like what the time is, where a restaurant is located, or what the weather forecast is for tomorrow. Users can additionally use the remote to control other Assistant-compatible smart devices in their homes like the lights.

To celebrate this new feature, the company also announced that the Dish voice remote has been updated to have a dedicated Assistant button; however, there is no need to swap out the voice remote if you already have one -- both the existing and new models support the Assistant the exact same way. Responses to questions asked to the remote will appear directly on the screen.

Updates that will activate the Google Assistant have already begun rolling out to all models in the Hopper line.