When is the Disney Lorcana release date?

 Aurora in Disney Lorcana, casting magic
Aurora in Disney Lorcana, casting magic

When is the Disney Lorcana release date? Because the new trading card game has had a staggered launch (with decks becoming available at local hobby stores before they arrive anywhere else), it's a fair question. And the answer is... well, now. Disney Lorcana has just become available, and it officially hit shelves everywhere as of September 1.

That means you can now pick up booster packs, Disney Lorcana starter decks, and accessories from the likes of Best Buy or ShopDisney (which has the Gift Set, beginner boxes, portfolio books, and play mats on sale now). It also means a second chance for dedicated fans to grab the cards they need, because the earlier Disney Lorcana release date for hobby stores meant that it's been a little harder to come by until now.

However, this isn't the end of it. A second wave of Disney Lorcana cards are due later this year, and we've yet to see what they'll include. If our Disney Lorcana first impressions of wave one are anything to go by, they should be worth the wait.

When is the Disney Lorcana release date for Set 2?

Like most trading card games, the newest TCG on the block isn't limited to just one set. It'll be launching a second wave called 'Chapter 2' later in 2023, with all-new cards and strategies you can add to your existing lineup. Although information on what those cards will be is thin on the ground right now, we do know when they're arriving. As with the original wave, there will be a staggered Disney Lorcana release date for set 2 with local hobby stores getting the goods before anyone else (like Amazon or Target). Here are the details:

Set 2 release date:
November 17 (specialist & hobby stores)
December 1 (mass retail)

Will there be other Disney Lorcana sets?

Disney Lorcana cards floating against a nebula
Disney Lorcana cards floating against a nebula

Can we expect other sets to follow the first two waves? We don't know for sure and publisher Ravensburger refuses to comment on future plans, but considering how well the game's been doing, it seems like a forgone conclusion. Indeed, it'd be very surprising if the company isn't already preparing all-new chapters.

With that in mind, there's no Disney Lorcana release date for those additional waves yet. But if we had to guess? They'll probably turn up in the late Spring or early Summer of 2024. That's purely based on a hunch and the gap between those first two chapters of Disney Lorcana, though, so take this as speculation that should be served with a pinch of salt.

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