Woman sparks TikTok debate over ‘inappropriate’ Disney dress code violation

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Tori Cannella says she was dress coded during a recent trip to Disney World. (Images via TikTok/Toragrams)
Tori Cannella says she was dress coded during a recent trip to Disney World. (Images via TikTok/Toragrams)

A woman claims she was forced to accept a free T-shirt at Disney World after her outfit was deemed inappropriate by park staff.

Tori Cannella was visiting the "most magical place on Earth" in a black crop top sweater and a pair of denim cutoff shorts when she was allegedly informed that her outfit was against the park’s dress code, and given a free T-shirt to cover up with.

Cannella documented the experience in a now viral video which was uploaded to TikTok earlier this week. In the video, the 23-year-old is escorted by park staff to receive a yellow T-shirt to wear instead of her lace-up crop top.

The video included text that said, "So yeah, just experienced getting dress coded at Disney."

"I mean, I kinda agree with them looking back at this video," she captioned the video, which has received more than 7.1 million views.

According to the dress code page on the Disney World website, the park “reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other guests.”

Guests are also prohibited from wearing clothing displaying offensive messages, adult costumes, or items made from “offensive” material including transparent clothing or garments “which exposes inappropriate portions of the body such as string bikini tops, G-strings, bikini bottoms, etc.”

“The parks are a casual, family-oriented environment. Ensuring that the parks are family-friendly is an important part of the Disney experience. In that spirit, we ask you to use your discretion and common sense,” the website adds.

Yahoo Canada has reached out to Disney for comment regarding the allegations made in Cannella's video.

Some viewers agreed with park staff that Cannella's attire was inappropriate, and cautioned her from wearing something so "revealing" around children.

“The top is cute but y’all have to be mindful that there’s little kids around and they probably shouldn’t be seeing something so revealing,” wrote one TikTok user.

“I like the top but let’s say you [are on] a roller coaster and there is wind or something, the last thing they want is the girl flashing kids," another said.

While Cannella didn't seem bothered by the incident, other viewers were upset that she would be confronted by staff for her attire in the first place.

“I don’t see anything wrong with your outfit? another user commented. “It’s hot in Florida…?”

“I’m sorry but they reached with this one. There is nothing wrong with your original top. I’ve seen so much worse,” writes someone else.

“I used to work there, the rule is that your top can’t have just a string to hold it together if that makes sense so that’s why," an viewer claiming to be a former Disney employee said.

This isn’t the first time a woman has gone viral for being dress-coded by amusement park staff. In June 2021, Alyssa Schueller from Ohio revealed she was also forced to accept a free T-shirt after her outfit was dubbed “inappropriate.”

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