Divers find body of policewoman swept into the Black Sea in Odesa

Divers find body of 20-year-old policewoman
Divers find body of 20-year-old policewoman

Divers found the body of 20-year-old policewoman about 1 km from the shore, the State Emergency Service reported on Telegram on June 5.

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The National Police reported on June 3 that a police officer from Rivne, who was on vacation in Odesa, was washed away by a wave into the Black Sea.

<span class="copyright">State Emergency Service of Odesa</span>
State Emergency Service of Odesa

She was taking pictures on the pier when the first wave knocked her down and a second wave washed her into the sea, according to the investigation, on June 2. Divers immediately began searching for her.

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