DIY hair treats

DIY hair treats

You’ve probably never considered making your own shampoo – but it’s easier than you think.

We continue our look into DIY beauty treats with hair products this week. The next time you run out of your favourite shampoo or conditioner, grab a few ingredients from around your home and make your own concoction.

“Shampoo can be tricky simply because of the high water content/preservative issue. It’s best, therefore, simply to make enough for only one application,” Janey Lee Grace, author of Look Great Naturally Without Ditching the Lipstick, told Cover Media. “A simple idea is to use Castile liquid soap as a shampoo base and add herbal infusions and essential oils, or you could use soapnut liquid.”

Janey swears by her Eggy Shampoo recipe to combat either dry or oily hair. Raw eggs can be used as a natural substitute for shampoo and are great natural shine boosters.

“If your locks are feeling parched, whisk one egg yolk into 100mls of a herbal infusion such as chamomile. Herbal infusions can be created using a couple of chamomile tea bags,” Janey explaind. “Massage it through your hair, leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse through with lukewarm water.

“If you have oily hair, replace the egg yolk with egg white and follow the same instructions.”

To avoid a scrambled scalp, rinse the remedy out with cool or warm water, rather than hot liquid, otherwise the egg will cook.

Eggs also feature in Janey’s homemade hair conditioner.

“Lots of my face masks can be used for hair as well. Here’s a simple one that gets great results,” she revealed. “Mash half an avocado with one teaspoon of jojoba oil. Add the yolk of one egg and blend in a high speed blender. Apply to hair and leave for a few minutes before rinsing off.”

For an overnight deep-conditioning treatment apply organic coconut oil to locks after washing. Wrap your hair in a towel and you’ll wake up with a noticeably softer mane. It can take a couple of washes to get rid of the oil, but it’s well worth it.

Finally, here’s a revitalising fruity hair mask to try.

Jill Zander, Founder of the Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, reveals adding banana to your locks will give them a real boost.

“My Banana Hair Mask is rich in vitamins and minerals and banana will add shine to dry ends,” she told Cover Media. “Mix two tablespoons of honey into 75ml of natural yoghurt, then combine with one mashed banana to make a mask-like consistency. Dampen hair very slightly and coat the hair with the mixture. Leave the mask on for up to an hour, then rinse, and shampoo and condition as normal.”

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