DIY Pregnancy! Woman Gives Birth to 'eBaby' Eden After Ordering Sperm And Insemination Kit Online at Home

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North Yorkshire, September 19: A 33-year-old woman gave birth to “eBaby” after buying sperm and an insemination kit online. Stephenie Taylor wanted to have a second baby but did not want another relationship. She then discovered a Baby app to order a sperm and ordered the insemination kit from eBay. She then reportedly watched YouTube tutorials to know how to use the kit. The baby has been named Eden.

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Taylor conceived on the first try and gave birth to Eden on October 15 last year. She described the baby girl as a “miracle” and “real online baby”, reported The Mirror. The woman already has a son named Frankie with an ex-partner. He will turn five next month. She wanted a second baby to complete her family. Decuplets Meaning: South African Woman Gives Birth to Ten Babies! Before Decuplets, There Was Only Nonuplets; Here Are 3 Known Cases of Nonuplets.

Stephanie Taylor WIth Eden:

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Taylor is a resident of Nunthorpe, a village in England’s North Yorkshire. She started looking for sperms online as she did not want that her son should be affected by her unhappy relationship and private fertility clinics were too costly. As per the 33-year-old woman, her friend referred the app to her. Just like Tinder, one can right swipe to the profile for showing interest. Taylor wanted a family-oriented and with no serious illness. What is Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva? Five-Month-Old Baby Girl From UK ‘Turning to Stone’ as She Suffers From Rare Genetic Condition, FOP.

The man, in whom she showed interest, dropped off his sperm at her house in January 2020. “He was nice, warm and friendly, and we had a cup of tea and chatted about the weather,” reported the media house quoting Taylor as saying. The woman said that she would not have any problem if her daughter wanted to meet the DNA contributor. Initially, the woman’s dad was hesitant to accept the baby, but later, he called it a brilliant decision. However, her sister and mother were delighted after hearing the news of Eden’s birth.

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