DJI launches its first programmable teaching robot

DJI, a Chinese company specializing in drones, has created a robot which teaches coding to young and old. The entirely programmable RoboMaster S1 is directly inspired by robotics competitions.

The robot has 46 components (motors, impact detectors, infrared sensors, LED lights, a microphone, speakers, etc.) and 6 programmable artificial intelligence modules. Here, artificial intelligence is used to recognize other RoboMaster S1s but also to interpret different sounds and gestures made by users. 

The idea is to step into the shoes of an engineer and to allow the robot to carry out tasks of varying complexity. All of its equipment as well as a multitude of sensors allow it to maneuver, at speeds of up to 7 miles an hour. It's also possible to program it for autonomous movement. It's even able to recognize and react to a certain number of sounds and gestures. The manufacturer has announced a battery life of about half an hour. 

The robot is programmed and controlled on a smartphone or tablet running on Android or iOS via an app teaching two programming languages, Python and Scratch. 

DJI Robomaster S1 is available now in the United States for 499 dollars. 

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