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This $25 Amazon find can help hide your messy cables

The bounty of electronic gadgets and gizmos in our homes makes life so much easier, more interesting and more fun. The cord clutter that comes with them? Not so much. One of the biggest eyesores is the power strip; it’s always such a tangled mess of cables, not to mention an unsightly dust magnet. Let's not even talk about the jumble of HDMI, audio and other types of cables. But there's a solution you might not know about: a cable management box.

This cord organizer helps corral all the unsightly cords you use to stay connected.

$25 at Amazon

The cables go in one side and out the other, but inside the box is where the magic happens. Your cables are probably a bit longer than you need. All the extra length can coil around inside the box so that only neatness emerges.

On top of keeping your wires tidy, the DMoose can also function as a phone stand, thanks to a clever cutout on the lid. Plus, its très handsome wooden cover makes it positively design-forward. This is one cable organizer box you’ll actually want to show off! (Yes, we get the irony.)

Four images of a white box to hide cords
Got a mess? Get the Moose! Stylish and functional, this cable organizer box looks great while hiding cords. (Photo: Amazon)

The DMoose also reduces the risks of accidents. You don’t have to worry about your kids or pets messing around with potentially dangerous wires or cables (or pulling them out by accident right in the middle of your favorite movie).

You might not even realize how much bad cable management affects you until it's straightened out. There's something about a clean work or entertainment space that's soothing. You work hard; at the end of the day, when you want to relax, don't stare at cables. Hide them.

"This worked out great for all the cords associated with my husbands Xbox one, headphones, backup battery charges and external hard drives. I hate seeing cords everywhere. This solved that issue and looks cleaner and organized. Highly recommend using these," said one verified shopper.

"Easy to use," said another reviewer. "This is the best idea for all those cords & cables cluttering your area. I stuffed a ton of wires, cables & cords in the large box and voila! Clean table top! I'm actually so thrilled with this hide all box that I just ordered another for my living room."

Hide the mess but retain easy access to all of your cables.

$25 at Amazon

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