Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Station suffered critical damage in direct hit from Russian missile

The Russian Federation hit the Dnipro HPP dam
The Russian Federation hit the Dnipro HPP dam

Russia struck the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Station (HES) with two missiles, causing critical damage to the HES-2 station and damaging support structures and overhead beams, Ukrhydroenergo director, Ihor Syrota, told Radio Svoboda (Liberty) on March 22.

The Dnipro HES in Zaporizhzhya consists of two stations, both of which are non-operational right now, Syrota said.

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"HES-2 is in critical condition, and HES-1 is also not operational at the moment,” he said.

“We are taking measures to raise the gates and release water because we cannot process water through the station."

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The turbine hall and electrical equipment at the station must be fully restored.

HES-2 may be unable to operate for some time or will have limited functionality, Syrota said, adding that detailed information on the impacts of the Russian strikes on HES would become available later in the day.

There were no reported casualties among the employees of the Dnipro HES, the Ukrhydroenergo head reported.

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Missile strike on Dnipro HES on March 22 — what's known

Russia launched its most extensive attack on Ukraine's energy system in at least a year, damaging facilities in many oblasts on March 22.

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Russian forces targeted the Dnipro HES dam with a missile that struck a passenger trolleybus carrying civilians, Mariupol Mayoral advisor Petro Andriushchenko, reported, posting a photo showing damage to the hydroelectric station's dam.

Traffic through the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Station has been completely halted, the National Police Department reported, adding that "DniproHES is standing," contrary to fake news reports spread by the Russians.

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Ukrhydroenergo later confirmed the strike on the HES and the fire, saying there is no threat of a dam breach, and noting that the situation is under control.

The attack on the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Station marks the most significant blow to the facility during the war, with Russia aiming to completely incapacitate the hydroelectric power station, Ukrenergo, head, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, reported.

The Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Station consists of two power plants, forming a single complex of hydraulic structures located under one dam — Dnipro HES-1 (10 hydroelectric units with radial-axial type turbines) and Dnipro HES-2 (8 hydroelectric units: 6 with Kaplan turbines, 2 with propeller turbines).

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