Dnipro resident rescues pets from destroyed home - photos

A resident of a five-story building in Dnipro saves his cats after Russian missile strike
A resident of a five-story building in Dnipro saves his cats after Russian missile strike

A Russian missile struck a five-story residential building in the heart of Dnipro, part of a broader assault on Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, resulting in 24 injuries and 7 fatalities, including two children aged 8 and 14, Dnipro city mayor Dmytro Filatov reported on Telegram on April 19.

Amid the chaos, residents and photographers captured poignant moments as one man, escaping the destroyed building, saved his two cats, wrapping them in a blanket. These images have been shared with international news agencies.

<span class="copyright">REUTERS/Mykola Synelnykov</span>
REUTERS/Mykola Synelnykov
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@Наше місто Дніпро

Russian April 19 massive strike on Ukraine

Russia attacked Ukraine with shaheds and missiles. Dnipro Oblast and southern Ukraine were targeted by this strike on April 19.

Five-story building was hit in Dnipro, 12 people were rescued.

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Russian army also struck Synelnykove, partially destroying four private houses. Six people were killed, including two children aged 14 and 8. Six more people were injured, including one child, SES reported.

Kryvyi Rih was also hit. According to governor, at least three people were injured there.

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Mykola Oleshchuk, commander of Ukrainian Air Forces, said that air defense destroyed 15 different missiles and 14 drones during night attack.

In total, Russians launched 36 targets into Ukrainian sky - 22 missiles and 14 suicide UAVs.

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