Doctor accused of rape gets his flaccid Erection Hardness Score revealed in court

The roast of Dr. Wee Teong Boo — who’s currently on trial for allegedly raping a patient in his clinic — continues in court. This time, the arguments lodged in defense of the doctor is that his Erection Hardness Score is just too low for penetration to take place, TODAY reported.

The 67-year-old general practitioner is accused of molesting and sexually violating a woman in 2015 when she visited his clinic in Bedok to get examined for an itch in her genitals and frequent urination. According to the victim, who was 23 at the time, Dr. Wee asked her to completely remove her shorts and underwear for an examination. The victim claims to have witnessed Wee with his pants unzipped, feeling a poking sensation in her genitals as his body rocked forward and backward. She filed a police report the next day.

But in court back in July, Dr. Wee’s own wife testified that the alleged rape could not have happened due to her husband’s erectile dysfunction since 2014. In her own words, his penis would remain “soft like a noodle” even when stimulated.

Appearing in High Court once again yesterday, Wee’s urologist testified as a defense witness. Dr. Peter Lim revealed to the court that Wee made an appointment with him six days after the alleged rape, complaining of erectile dysfunction and difficulties in urinating for the past three years, according to TODAY’s court report.

Three tests had been conducted to determine the causes of Wee’s erectile dysfunction. In the first test in January 2016, Wee’s Erection Hardness Score was rated three out of four, with four meaning full hardness and rigidity of the penis. Wee’s initial score suggested that his penis is hard enough for penetration, but not as hard as it could be. The test also revealed evidence of hormonal erectile dysfunction, which was then treated the same month.

The topic of Wee’s penis and penis rigidity is national news, by the way.

A second test was conducted in April 2016 at Changi General Hospital, during police investigations into the case. It corroborated the results of a third test, which confirmed the urologist’s suspicions that Wee’s erectile dysfunction was vein-related, and was due to the lack of blood flowing to the penis. Conducted this year, the third test showed that Wee had the lowest Erection Hardness Score of 1 — indicating a penis that is larger, but not hard.

Dr. Lim also affirmed that Wee would find it extremely difficult to “penetrate anything” without the help of a drug called Caverject. His penis would remain in a “flaccid state” without the drug.

The trial continues this afternoon.

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