Does Bigfoot Exist? US Man Claims He Saw 2 Animals That Resembled Mythical Creatures

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We all have heard stories about mysterious creatures that live in the jungle, but for most of us, their existence has only been limited to fictional stories as there is no hard evidence that suggests otherwise. However, a US bow hunter recently claimed to have spotted two mysterious animals that resemble bigfoot during a hunting expedition with a friend.

Narrating his encounter on the Sasquatch Stories podcast, the hunter named Mark said that he came in close proximity with the creatures. He recalled that it all started when he first heard ‘crazy’ noises coming from the river but before he could find the source of the sounds, one of the creatures approached him, reported DailyStar.

Terrified by the mysterious animal, Mark and his friend went numb for a moment but regained their nerves soon. They sprinted towards a viewing stand in the trees to save their lives.

Mark recalled that both the animals were nearly 15 feet tall and while he first thought them to be bears, he soon realised they weren’t.

He described the sounds made by the creatures and said it sounded like “two T Rex going at it” and you could hear the hollering and growling. He admitted that he and his friend were terrified after they got a good look at the creatures.

Mark remembered that the hands of the creature were so big that it could have held a beach ball in its palms. He added that the creature had big legs, big hips, long arms and a round head.

Even after the encounter came to an end, it took a while for Mark’s friend to calm down. They stayed in the area for a while to feel calm and safe enough to leave.

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