Does ‘Inside Out 2’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

It’s not often that a Disney/Pixar movie has a post-credits scene, since those are mostly associated with superhero fare. But, you’re going to want to stick around once the credits roll on “Inside Out 2.”

The new film, now in theaters, once again focuses on Riley and her many emotions and how she navigates life with them. But, this time, she’s officially a teenager, and puberty brings a slew of new emotions into her head, including Anxiety, Embarrassment, Ennui, Envy and more. Unfortunately, those new emotions don’t immediately mesh well with the originals.

NOTE: The rest of this post contains spoilers for “Inside Out 2.” Proceed accordingly

In fact, early on in the film, Anxiety (voiced by Maya Hawke), boots Joy (Amy Poehler) and her friends from HQ entirely. They’re sent in a jar — don’t worry, airholes are poked through the lid so the emotions can survive — to the “vault” inside Riley, making them officially repressed emotions.

While in the vault, they encounter other characters who have been banished to the darkest, most locked-away parts of Riley’s mind, including a preschool show character (and his buddy Pouchy), a video game crush, and a massive, looming creature that viewers learn is Riley’s deepest secret.

These guys help Joy and her friends escape, and even leave themselves, save for that deep, dark secret. Why do you need this info? Well, it’s the core of the post-credits scene.

Because yes, “Inside Out 2” does indeed have a post-credits scene. In it, Joy returns to the vault and coaxes the creature to reveal what Riley is keeping buried. She thinks it’s the time that Riley wet her pants, but in reality, it’s that Riley apparently burned a hole in a carpet at home.

And that’s it! Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a letdown as far as punchlines go, but now, at least, you won’t have to wonder what the secret is forever.

“Inside Out 2” is now in theaters everywhere.

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