Dog-sgusting! Cheras food outlet's foreign staff butcher dog using shop's utensils

Jafwan Jaafar

VIDEO IS GRAPHIC. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. KUALA LUMPUR: If the Raj’s Banana Leaf restaurant scandal shook your be-leaf in local hygiene standards, the latest food sanitation outrage will have you reconsidering eating altogether. A man surnamed ‘Yap’ was enjoying a yumcha session with friends in Taman Cheras Utama last Friday when he was startled by the repeated yelps of a dog in pain. Concerned that a canine was in distress, Yap immediately ventured down a darkened back alley, before coming upon the harrowing scene of a live dog being butchered by a group of foreign men.When the mutt-derers retired to the main road for a smoke, Yap emerged from the shadows and approached the scene of the crime, camera phone at the ready. What he encountered was the rear entrance of a roast meat supplier shop, where industrial steam cookers whirred, and whole ducks and chickens hung from ceiling meat hooks like gruesome party streamers. On the floor just outside the food preparation area lay a large plastic basin, a chopping board and a meat cleaver. Inside the basin were the severed remains of a freshly-slaughtered grown dog. (This pooch was NOT playing dead). What Yap – and viewers of his video clip – found ‘hardest to swallow’ was that the foreign men were in fact employees of the outlet; and that they had brazenly contaminated the shop’s food preparation utensils and container to whip up a snack most Malaysians would pass on, even with a side of sambal. With the outrage ‘chewing’ at him, Yap strode towards the men chilling by the roadside, and made sure to capture each of their faces on video, before heading to the nearest police station to lodge a report. The final scene gives one paw-se – sitting among the group of Snoopy eaters was a domesticated dog, calm as a cucumber. Pet today, in the pot tomorrow? May the men be hounded by the police and placed in the dog house for what they did.

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