DOLE Sec. Bello believes only Congress can end ‘Endo’ scheme

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MANILA – Stop contractualization! This is the cry of various labor groups that conducted street protests yesterday along with the celebration of Labor Day.

With placards and flags, protesters marched from welcome Rotonda to Mendiola in Manila. These labor groups held different programs that led to one message: that DOLE’s department order 174 is meaningless.

“With their so-called win-win solution, you are legitimizing, you are strengthening contractualization, rather than  abolishing or stopping contractualization as promised by the president,” Association of Genuine Labor President Atty. Jaime Miralles said.

They believe that DOLE has the power to end contractualization, contrary to Sec. Silvestre Bello III’s claim that only a law that is passed in the Congress can stop such employment scheme.

“What they want is total ban against contractualization which is not legally possible right now because although the rule is there could be no contractualization however the law allows exemption and for example the security guards, the janitors,” Sec. Bello III said.

Sec. Bello says the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines filed a bill in congress for the total ban of contractualization. – Mon Jocson | UNTV News & Rescue

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