Dominic Cummings’ phone and lockdown row

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<span>Photograph: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images

Given the repeated denials by Dominic Cummings and the PM’s assurances over the evidence he has seen (Two stories, different witnesses. So where was Dominic Cummings on 19 April?, 7 August), I think it’s time to stop arguing and just accept that Cummings’ phone was indeed in London that day.
Ray Fisher
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

• Kae Tempest has adopted the non-gendered pronouns they and them (Kate Tempest announces they are non-binary, changes name to Kae, 6 August). Kae may not be either male or female, but is not more than one person. For a more pleasing grammatical concinnity, it should be “they is”, not “they are”.
Neil Ferguson
Vaillac, France

• I am concerned about the effect of working from home on Noel and Pauline Hodson of Oxford, whose separate letters you published (6 August). Are they thinking as one, dreaming the same dream etc? Or just not talking to each other?
Pete Rosser
Wakefield, West Yorkshire

• Newspapers are delivered to my small village and left in a box for residents to collect from. When a neighbour saw me picking up the Guardian, she said “Oh, you’re one of those” (Letters, 7 August).
Jenny Haynes
Horkstow, North Lincolnshire

• As a preschool child in the 1950s, I was taught to read at home with the Manchester Guardian, as it then was. I’ve been reading it ever since.
Pam Lunn
Kenilworth, Warwickshire

• Another mixed message from the government: when I signed up for a speed awareness course recently, I found that at present it can only be done using Zoom.
Peter Bevington

• I bet Michael Portillo owns several pairs of velveteen breeches (Letters, 6 August).
Mike Keddie
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

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