Don't be influenced by outsiders when making decisions, Johor Sultan reminds state government

Rizalman Hammim

JOHOR BARU: The state government must be careful when making decisions and not be influenced by outsiders who do not understand Johor's history and its administrative ways.

Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, who said this during his address at the opening of the fifth proceeding of the 13th State Assembly at Bukit Timbalan here today, said outsiders are not familiar with the way the state was being governed.

The text of the address was read by the Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim.

He cited the Johor Housing and Real Property Board Enactment 2014 which was amended when outsiders questioned the power of the ruler in the enactment.

"The enactment had been properly done using a template used in other state enactments and had been presented to me by the state legal advisor.

"The power of the ruler in state enactments has been defined since the Johor Constitution was adopted in 1895. That power must be maintained and protected in order to balance the political power, and safeguard the welfare of the people and the state," said Sultan Ibrahim.

Meanwhile, Sultan Ibrahim also advised the state government not to be selective of investors wanting to invest in Johor.

"Regardless of where they come from, whether China, Europe or other countries, they must all be treated well. The state government must also ensure that the investments are eco-friendly and does not pose a danger to the people and the environment.

"Any industry that involves poisonous or explosive chemicals needs to be thoroughly studied and if accepted, must be located far from housing areas," he said.

He also reminded the state government that the case of the Johor politician who was charged with corruption and abuse of power should not be debated at the state assembly as the legal process was still ongoing.

"Let the court decide on it," he said.

In order to prevent wastage and mismanagement, Sultan Ibrahim suggested the setting up of a special unit to monitor the direction and performance of all state-owned companies.