Don't be swayed by opposition's empty promises, Ali Rustam tells Bukit Katil residents

Kelly Koh

MALACCA: Bukit Katil constituents have been urged to acknowledge the government's contributions in bringing development and prosperity instead of being influenced by the oppositions' empty promises.

Bukit Katil Umno chief Tan Sri Mohd Ali Rustam said he heeded Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's call in wresting back Bukit Katil parliament from the opposition as one of the must-win seats from the opposition here.

"We have done so much for the Bukit Katil constituents. We have resolved flood issues, build bridges, provided affordable homes, as well as building mosques and temples for the people.

"We have also eased the infrastructures by building new roads and drainage system and have transformed a part of the Bukit Katil landscape as semi-urban area," he said.

Ali Rustam was speaking to reporters at a programme with orphans in conjunction with the 210th Police Day celebration at the state police headquarters in Bukit Beruang here today.

Present was state police chief Datuk Abd Jalil Hassan.

Mohd Ali added that during his tenure as the chief minister, he had helped with setting up nine institutions of higher learning.

"Malacca had only two universities to begin with, which were UiTM in Lendu and MMU in Bukit Beruang.

"But I have helped thousands of locals here by creating job opportunities for them as lecturers and university officers in the state," he said.

Mohd Ali, who is still disappointed over his defeat against PKR's Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, said it was a four-year loss for the Bukit Katil constituents without any contributions done by Shamsul.

"The opposition has done nothing for the people. They have promised the people the skies, but turns out to be just empty promises.

"I urge the constituents to at least appreciate contributions made by the government and translate them into votes in the upcoming general elections," said Ali Rustam.

On a separate matter, Abd Jalil said police would mobilise the bicycle squad to beef up patrols at the historical city next month.

"For the start, we will mobilise between 15 and 20 officers at strategic tourist destinations on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays." he said.