Trump Is A 'Dangerous Clown' On The New Yorker’s New Cover

President Donald Trump got the Pennywise treatment on The New Yorker’s latest cover: This week's cover, "October Surprise," by Carter Goodrich:

PresidentDonald Trump got the Pennywise treatment onThe New Yorker’slatest cover:

ArtistCarter Goodrich painted Trump as a “dangerous clown” for the magazine’s Oct. 30th issue because he was “still just as stunned now” about the election results as he was last November.

The image is called “October Surprise.”

I have been asked to work on movies about him. I can’t do it; most satire seems to lighten what feels to me like a dire situation. He’s already a cartoon villain, infantile and strange,” Goodrich said.

The cover was well received on Twitter:

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