'Dondang Sayang' gunning for Unesco recognition


KUALA TERENGGANU: The National Heritage Department will take the traditional poetic art of ‘Dondang Sayang’ to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as world’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Its deputy director, Datuk Mod Zaky Din said the department had prepared for the initiative by conducting rigorous research and documenting on ‘Dondang Sayang’ in accordance with the guidelines set by the world’s organisation.

“Due to very strong competition, the nominating committee at UNESCO only limits (the entry) to one heritage art for each country, in which Malaysia has nominated ‘Dondang Sayang’ which originates from Malacca.

“If we want to take (nominate) more than one, it has to be combined with other countries such as Indonesia and Brunei under the same element...just like ‘pantun’ (quatrains) where we take (to UNESCO) together with Indonesia,” he said after officiating the Intangible Cultural Heritage Capacity Building Workshop Module 3 and 4 here today.

Mod Zaky said the initiative would boost the country’s image as well as further develop the interest of the world community on the arts and culture of the plural society in Malaysia. -- BERNAMA