Dongfeng Motor Invests Heavily on Electric Vehicles

Martin Aguilar

Chinese automaker Dongfeng Motor Company Limited is looking to go all-out in electric vehicles (EV) through its ‘Green 2022’ business plan. The said plan focuses on green products, production, and materials reuse.

Dongfeng plans to introduce 20 “electrified models” under its four brands, which includes Nissan, by 2022. The core of Dongfeng’s EV products will be Nissan’s e-Power technology. In case you’re wondering, the Chinese automaker and Nissan have a 50-50 joint venture. As such, 30 percent of Dongfeng sales will be composed of EV and Nissan e-Power products come 2022.

Nissan Global Senior Vice President and Dongfeng President Uchida Makoto said that going ‘green,’ such as investing heavily on EV products, is a key factor to successfully adapt the to changing automotive industry.

“Understanding that excellence in the Green area is a key factor to successfully navigate this change. Our green development will underpin operations throughout the value chain,” said Makoto.

Makoto has a valid point as the automotive industry is leaning towards electrification. Though the idea of EVs are still far-fetched in the Philippines, other countries are already preparing to go electric. The United Kingdom already announced that they will ban new diesel and gasoline cars by 2040. Other countries such as France, India, Norway, and Germany are following suit. This trend even led to the end of the Toyota-Isuzu 12-year partnership in developing diesel engines.

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