Donnie Yen celebrates birthday on "Ip Man 4" set

3 Aug – Busy-bee star Donnie Yen has celebrated his birthday at work yet again, and this year, on location of his highly anticipated film, "Ip Man 4".

The actor, who turned 55 on 27 July, shared a photo from his small birthday celebration held in England where he was filming the movie, writing, "I really wished to be able to spent today with my Mrs and kids, but today is the last day of shooting for ["Ip Man 4"] in England, and celebrated my B-day on the set like I'd spent many birthdays on the set in my last 36yrs in the business," he said.

Donnie added, "I would like to thank every single fan and everyone for riding along with me in this fabulous journey! It is destiny for my connection with film making and I am blessed to be destined to make films. The art is with me and I am one with the art."

Produced by Raymond Wong's Pegasus Films and directed by Wilson Yip - the latter who helmed the last three "Ip Man" movies, the fourth instalment of the martial arts franchise will revolve around the Wing Chun master's journey to Seattle to work with his pupil Bruce Lee, who has decided to open a Wing Chun school.

The upcoming film co-stars Scott Adkins, while action star Jackie Chan will have a cameo as a "respected Big Brother in Chinatown".

(Photo Source: Donnie Yen Instagram)