I don’t know, but I can only suspect…

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    MK Ling
    Thank You, Ms Lim.
    You have made my day. 👏👍
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    A very good, well-written and informative article. An eye opener for the layman.
    Good work Sylvia Lim, we are proud of you. Go to sleep tonight with the thought that you have done us proud. Thank you.
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    How much reserve do we have? Is our CPF in there is just a paper and no money? Is our return of investment making money? How much money had we loss in investment preciously?
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    Do we even know how much reserves we have? Why do we need to keep saving and saving for? What exactly are we saving for? A rainy day?who defines rainy day?when is it a rainy day?When all our ppl are old and need expensive medicial treatment is that a rainy day , or do we still continue saving for the end of the world?
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    The 4G Minister are paper tiger.... when our army tank vehicle got stopped at HK, none of these Heros step out and ask China for apologises....
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    We don’t have a robust debate in parliament as claimed by the PAP to be so. Whenever bills or whatsoever are passed in parliament, it is more of a process of ‘informing Singaporeans that bills shall be passed and that's it”.
    PAP MPs themselves are not providing that so-called debate. We need more MPs like Sylvia Lim to provide the check and balance, probing and asking more questions on behalf of the people
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    See Toh Hiap Seng
    Quote :
    “If MPs believe that something is wrong, it’s MPs’ job to pursue the facts and make these allegations in their own name, decide whether something seems to be wrong. And if you think something is wrong, even if you’re not fully sure, then come to this House, confront the Government, ask for explanations and answers.”

    My Comment :
    Based on PM's words, this whole episode is much ado about nothing - very silly.

    Quote :
    Mr Heng tried to help by talking about how the Budget is a secret. Ms Lim agreed and had a deft response: “I think that’s actually part of the whole issue. Only the Cabinet knows the truth. And as I’ve said in my speech earlier, the Government has said it’s refuted that it had any intention to raise the GST this year. I do not know the truth. So I can accept that I may have been wrong, but I do not accept that my suspicion had no basis and I do not apologise.’’

    My Comment :
    Many years ago, Mr Wong Kan Seng said that when more than one person knew about something, that something was not a secret. This reminds me of the song titled "Secret Love" : "... and my secret love no secret anymore".

    The Public Sector (Governance) Bill empowers Ministers/Ministries/Agencies to share highly-confidential or secret information within the Civil Service and will never share this with Opposition Parties. As such secrets are no longer secrets, these are however "secrets" to Opposition MPs and all Singaporeans/Taxpayers.
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    My wife take care of our family finance. I ask her how much we spent last month. Is ther anything wrong?
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    If mass apologies are needed, I suspect we will need the National Stadium to accommodate all who share Sylvia's suspicions.
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    Thanks Ms Sylvia Lim for doing your job as MP!