Don't make negative conclusion when fail to land a job - Fatimah


KUCHING: Job seekers are urged not to make negative conclusion if they failed to land a job, including associating the failure with things that are not relevant.

Sarawak Welfare, Women and Community Wellbeing Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah cited as example the case of an applicant who failed to secure a job as an education service officer and brought the matter to the attention of an opposition member of Parliament (MP).

Fatimah said the education service officer would be responsible for supervising Arabic language classes, religious schools under the state government as well as al-Quran and Kafa classes.

“The complainant’s application was rejected because she was not suitable for the post, even though she is a mathematic teacher.

“The explanation is quite simple here, but because some people do not understand and always suspicious towards the government, such a small matter became an issue,” she added. – BERNAMA