Dota 2: Quincy Crew part ways with support duo of ponlo and MiLAN

Remus "ponlo" Goh Zhi Xian and Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara will no longer be part of the Quincy Crew. (Photo: Quincy Crew) (Quincy Crew)

North American team Quincy Crew announced that they have parted ways with both of their support players, Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara and Remus "ponlo" Goh Zhi Xian.

This decision came after the team failed to qualify for the upcoming ESL One Stockholm Major.

MiLAN and ponlo joined Quincy Crew last November alongside offlaner Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann to replace Rodrigo "Leslão" Santos, Arif "MSS" Anwar, and Avery "LoA" Silverman, who left the team after they finished The International 10 (TI10) in 9th-12th place.

The revamped Quincy Crew had a strong start to the 2021-2022 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), as they finished the Winter Tour regional league in first place with a score of 6-1, losing only to rivals Evil Geniuses (EG).

Quincy Crew secured 300 DPC points for their performance and looked strong heading into the Regional Finals.

However, things went badly for Quincy Crew at the Regional Finals. The team were defeated in the upper bracket finals by TSM and then proceeded to get eliminated by EG.

Quincy Crew's third place finish at the regionals meant the team received no DPC points and were no longer leading the region.

Unfortunately for the crew, things did not improve during the Spring Tour. Quincy Crew again secured a 6-1 record in the regional league but this time both TSM and EG also secured the same record.

With a three-way tie and only two slots in Stockholm allocated for the region, this meant one of the three teams would not make it to the Major.

After the dust settled on the tiebreakers, EG secured first place in the region while TSM took second.

Meanwhile, Quincy Crew's third place finish meant they were the ones to miss out on the first Major of the year.

Ponlo shares his thoughts on his departure from Quincy Crew

Following his departure from Quincy Crew, ponlo released a Twitlonger where he shared his thoughts on what happened with the team and why they had to part ways.

A Singaporean player previously based in Southeast Asia, ponlo stated that the biggest problem him and Quincy Crew faced was the logistics of getting him into their bootcamp in North America.

"We made some choices and I personally regret them because I ended up having to move a lot [in our first] season and spent [one and a half] seasons on someone's couch. I also only ever met one of my teammates, [KheZu] for like 10 days," said ponlo.

Teams splitting up in Dota 2 can sometimes cause friction between the players, but luckily that was not the case for ponlo, as he stated that he has nothing but respect for his teammates.

"Everyone tried their best. Shoutout to [Quinn "Quinn" Callahan], I learnt so much from him and he was such a great teammate. I wish the very very best for my comrades, also ty QCY twitter guy. No beef and no hard feelings towards anyone," said ponlo.

Now that he is a free agent, ponlo said he intends to focus on grinding MMR in the future. He also planned to stream daily on Twitch.

"Gonna go back and climb to Top 10 using my newfound confidence to be as high skill as any [tier one] player. Will do micless streams every day," said ponlo.

Quincy Crew roster:

  1. Yawar "YawaR" Hassan

  2. Quinn "Quinn" Callahan

  3. Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann

  4. N/A

  5. N/A

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