Dota Pro Circuit Spring Tour meta recap: Western Europe

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Death Prophet is dominating in every region, While Necrophos emerges as the most successful.
Death Prophet is dominating in every region of the Dota Pro Circuit while Necrophos emerges as the most successful. (Photos: Valve Software)

The 2021-2022 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season's Spring Tour is now over. Across two divisions in five regions (due to Eastern Europe's different format) and with 96 teams competing in total, competition in the circuit's regional leagues has been intense.

With the leagues now over and everyone looking ahead to the upcoming Stockholm Major, let’s take a look into the metagames of each region and see which heroes were the most picked, the most successful, and the most overrated.

Let's start by checking out Western Europe.

Note: All the data featured focuses on Division I games only

Death Prophet is the most contested hero in Western Europe

One of the biggest changes in the 7.31 update was the addition of units doing different types of damage.

Units now deal Piercing, Basic, Siege, and Hero damage, with each damage type dealing more or less damage to enemy creeps, buildings, and heroes.

The reason Death Prophet is the most contested hero in arguably the strongest DPC region is due to these damage type changes. Death Prophet's ultimate Exorcism now deals double damage to buildings as it did in patch 7.30.

This makes Death Prophet an incredible hero at bringing down towers, regardless of what position she is played in.

The hero's ultimate now deals the same damage to buildings at level one as it used to at level two.

Death Prophet is also a strong laner thanks to Spirit Siphon, which deals damage to enemies while healing Krobelus. This makes the hero nigh-unkillable if she can get a couple of Siphons off during team fights.

Death Prophet received some much-needed nerfs in the recent 7.31c patch, though it seems like some of the bugs with her haven't been fully fixed yet.

It remains to be seen whether the hero can maintain its dominance in the Stockholm Major after the nerfs.

Sand King is the second most contested hero in the region, with 62 picks and bans, just one less than Death Prophet.

Crixalis received several buffs in 7.31, most notably an additional one armor, rendering him practically immune to physical damage.

Io is the third most contested hero in the region, with a total of 58 picks and bans across all games in the league.

Io is notable for being the most successful hero among the five most picked, winning 63% of its games. The newly reworked Aghanim's Shard for Io allows the hero to provide spell lifesteal to allies and an additional 10% magic amplification, making him an incredible combo with close-range spellcasters such as Leshrac.

Keeper of the Light comes in fourth place and that is due to the hero's flexibility. KotL can be played as either a support or as a midlaner, courtesy of Leon “Nine” Kirilin demonstrating the strength of the hero as a core.

Despite the hero being picked and banned 57 times, his overall performance has been pretty average, winning 11 out of his 21 appearances.

Mars continues to be among the most contested heroes in all regions, including Western Europe.

Mars was one of the heroes who appeared in multiple lists during the Winter Tour and despite the nerfs the hero received, his laning prowess and teamfight presence mean that he is always a solid pick for any draft.

Necrophos' new buffs make him the best hero in the region

When looking at the most successful heroes in the region, we'll be examining heroes with a minimum of five, ten, and twenty picks.

A sample size of fewer than five picks is too small to draw any reasonable conclusions from. It's also unfair to compare heroes with five or six picks to heroes with over twenty appearances.

Surprisingly, Underlord makes the list of the best performing heroes in the region with at least five picks. Underlord was entirely absent during the Winter Tour but thanks to his new ultimate Fiend's Gate, the hero managed to win four out of his five appearances.

The hero's new ultimate gives him and his allies a lot of flexibility to move around the map. It's also much easier to use compared to the hero's previous ultimate.

Despite all its positives, Fiend's Gate can be misused, as Topias "Topson" Taavitsainen proved during one of his pub games.

When 7.31 was released, Necrophos received a change to his ultimate Reaper Scythe that grants the hero permanent bonus regeneration for each hero killed by his ultimate. This solved the hero's glaring mana problems while making him more difficult to bring down as the game progressed.

The result of this change allowed Necrophos to win eight out of his ten appearances. Necrophos shines when facing melee cores in the lane.

The hero is also more flexible than previously imagined, as Team Liquid proved when they picked him for their carry Lasse "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen in the match against Nigma Galaxy.

The third hero to make the list is Bane, who has taken a small hit to his popularity during the Spring Tour.

Bane shot up in popularity after The International 10 due to Team Spirit's captain, Yaroslav "Miposhka" Naidenov prioritizing the hero.

Since then, teams have placed less emphasis on Bane, as heroes such as Keeper of the Light, Death Prophet, and Pugna emerged as premium position 5 supports.

While Bane is less contested during the Spring Tour, he still reigns supreme in Western Europe.

Bane has the highest win rate among all heroes with 20 picks, as Bane emerged victorious in 16 of his 27 matches.

The hero is a fantastic counter against the current heal meta thanks to the healing reduction from Enfeeble.

The Invoker failed to show up in Western Europe

When 7.31 was released, two support heroes who received significant buffs were Shadow Shaman and Venomancer.

Shadow Shaman gained the ability to heal when he uses Shackles as well as more durable Serpent Wards. While Venomancer now deals more base damage and has a faster spreading ultimate.

Despite those buffs, both these heroes failed to impress in Western Europe. They each won only one game in their five appearances.

This is more surprising for Shadow Shaman, as the hero's ability to hold enemies and take down buildings seems well suited for the current brawl heavy meta in Dota 2.

Venomancer and Shadow Shaman have been hit or miss in other regions as well, it's clear the pros are still figuring the heroes out. Invoker, on the other hand is a true anomaly.

Invoker was picked 10 times in the region during the Spring Tour and only won two games. This is an oddity for the hero as he was far more successful in other regions. The Arsenal Mage's win rate varied from 50% to 66% outside of Western Europe.

Since Invoker's problems seem region-based and not due to any hero weakness, it's likely that Western Europe has simply figured out how to play against the hero.

Multiple players in WEU have claim to the title of "best Invoker player in the world" and teams in the region are forced to learn how to play against him,

Otomo is a long-time gaming enthusiast and caster. He has been playing games since he was 10 and is the biggest Dota 2 fan.

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