Double wins for 'Avakin Life,' 'Man of Medan' at 2019 TIGA Awards

'Avakin Life' invited players to create avatars, furnish apartments, chat, party and even work virtual jobs

Mobile, social virtual life game "Avakin Life" won Game of the Year and Best Technical Innovation at the UK's 2019 TIGA Awards, with high fidelity horror "The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan" also scooping two: Best Action and Adventure Game, and Best Social Game.

Glossy ghost ship horror "The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan," for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and social fantasy life sim "Avakin Life," for iOS, Android, and Facebook Gameroom, both emerged from the 2019 TIGA Awards with two wins apiece.

"Avakin Life" was a TIGA winner for the fourth year in a row, collecting overall Game of the Year for the second consecutive year.

Its developer, Lockwood Publishing, had previously provided a significant amount of content for PlayStation 3 virtual world PlayStation Home (2008-2015), launching "Avakin Life" in 2013.

Organized by the UK's Independent Game Developers' Association, the TIGAs as a whole likewise embraced gaming as a casual and enthusiast pursuit, with space for mobile studios, the indie scene and console manufacturers.

Various genre awards went to licensed motorsport sim "F1 2019" on PS4, XBO and PC (Best Racing Game), developed by dedicated and well-established racing studio Codemasters, for example.

By the same token, it was relative underdog and rural "Grand Theft Auto"-style prison break game "American Fugitive," released across PS4, XBO, Switch and PC, that won Best Arcade Game; the "Wallace & Gromit"
studio Aardman Animation was recognized with the Best Educational or Serious Game award for powerful wartime recollection "11-11: Memories Retold," a PS4, PC and XBO game with no direct connection to its stable of TV and film franchises.

Distinctive ascii-art PC adventure "Stone Story RPG," developed by a two-person studio, won Best Role Playing Game, and retro Nintendo homage "Wargroove," for Switch, XBO and PC, won Best Strategy Game.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, which makes the PlayStation 4 console, saw PS VR shooter "Blood & Truth" receive the Heritage Award and the game's VR Director given the Outstanding Individual Award. "Days Gone," its zombie survival title for PS4, won Best Visual Design.

Victorian detective mystery "Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey" on PC won Best Audio Design, while space station thriller "Observation" for PC and PS4 won the Creativity Award.

Multiplayer Android and iOS game "Snake Rivals" was declared Best Casual Game, the PC, Android and iOS digital card game "Mystic Vale" was Best Game by a Small Studio, and the iOS and Android angle estimation game "Shootout 3D" won Best Puzzle Game.