Doubts over Singaporean boy ‘forgotten’ at Malaysian gas station

Parents are expressing shock and disbelief over a Singaporean family’s claim they drove two hours without noticing their young son was not in the car.

Many found it hard to believe that a 5-year-old boy, said to be named Derrick, had been left behind at a Petronas station in Machap, Johor, after his parents drove off without him. The child was reunited with them only after local police got involved and drove the boy to meet them.

How can you forget your kid? I have never forgotten my dog. Can’t believe it,” Facebook user Grace Bui wrote Monday.

According to the Chinese-language 8World News, the boy’s family somehow drove north from the station for about two hours before they noticed Derrick was missing and filed a police report. That claim has been met with skepticism online.

“How is this possible? They only realized their young son [was] missing after two hours? Absurd,” user Eve Junie Chan said. 

The search kicked off after someone posted about finding Derrick at about 7:30pm on Saturday. 

Please help to share around. Derrick, 5 years old from Singapore got separated with his parents at Machap, Malaysia’s Petronas station,” a post by Facebook user Chen Shi Fu read. A person he knew, known as Wei Siang Lim, had found the kid, Chen added.

Three hours later, an update at around 10:30pm in the comments said the police had picked up the boy.

“Hi, all. Kid is safe and is already inside police patrol car heading to his parents who are about 100km away,” Facebook user Dawn Heng wrote without elaborating how she was connected to the boy or the incident.

A gas station employee also told the news outlet that he found Derrick crying in the restroom at around 7pm. He then took the boy to the Rest and Relaxation spot next door and gave the boy candy and Milo.

The staffer added that someone at the R&R had offered to post a photo of the boy on social media to help find his parents.

The photo circulating of the boy showed him in a white T-shirt and blue shorts and standing in what looked like an office while drinking the chocolate malt drink. 

The post has been shared nearly 10,000 times as of today, with many seeming unaware it had been resolved.

Derrick in Malaysian police car. Photo: Dawn Heng/Facebook

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