Downed Russian Tu-22M3 crew member found dead — Russian news

TU-22M3 that crashed in Russia
TU-22M3 that crashed in Russia

One crew member of the Russian long-range bomber Tu-22M3 was found dead after the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) destroyed the aircraft in Stavropol Krai, Russia, the Telegram channel 112 reported on April 19 citing sources.

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The body of the pilot was discovered by a search team.

Stavropol Krai governor Vladimir Vladimirov confirmed the Russian crew member’s death and stated that the search for another crew member is ongoing. During the crash, four pilots of the Tu-22M3 aircraft ejected, and two were found alive.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on April 19 the crash in the Krasnogvardeysky district of Stavropol Krai, Russia, of a long-range bomber Tu-22M3, which was returning to the airfield after completing a “combat mission.” The department claimed that the cause was “technical malfunctions.”

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This aircraft launched missiles at Ukraine during the night, said the Ukrainian ground forces. Four pilots ejected.

Ukraine’s Air Force Commander, Mykola Oleshchuk, later said that together with Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR), the AFU for the first time eliminated a Russian Tu-22M3 aircraft, which serves as a carrier for Kh-22 cruise missiles. These aircraft are known for their systematic shelling of Ukraine.

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