Dozing boy gets arm wedged in motorcycle in freak accident


ALOR STAR: A seven-year-old boy broke his left arm when he fell off a motorcycle and found his arm trapped at the back of the machine.

It is understood that the mother and child was traveling home after she had picked him up from school in the 1.50pm incident at Jalan Simpang Kuala.

It is believed that poor boy, riding pillion on his mother’s machine, had dozed off and fell to the left side of the machine. In the process, he had somehow lodged his arm between the motorcycle’s frame and wheel.

His mother frantically stopped the motorcycle as the horrific incident was recorded by a dashboard camera from a car traveling behind the motorcycle.

The driver of the car and several others were seen rushing forward to help the mother and child.

A state Fire and Rescue Department spokesman said rescuers from the Jalan Raja station rushed to the scene upon receiving a distress call about 1.58pm.

“The boy was rushed to Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital for treatment,” said the spokesman.