Dr M: Brits' assumption that Malays are lazy not necessarily the truth

G. Prakash
Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad deliver his speech in conjunction with a working visit at The Cambridge Union Society in London June 17, 2019. — Bernama pic

LONDON, June 17 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today said that there are many hardworking Malays in the country who are working tirelessly to improve their lives.

He said while there is a generalisation that Malays are lazy, it is not necessarily the truth.

“Generalisation is a common thing in a community whenever a comparison is made between two groups, people should not be offended over it,” he said during his talk at Cambridge Union here.

Dr Mahathir said there was a time when the British had assumed and labelled Malays as lazy.

“While I do agree with that sometimes, it is still merely a generalisation.  I know there are many Malays out there who are hardworking and make an effort to improve their lives,” he said.

The subject matters Dr Mahathir covered during his speech was not much different from the talk he delivered at Oxford Union in January.

Other issues Dr Mahathir touched on included the Israel regime that had carved out its own state on the expense of Palestine, the atrocities suffered by Palestinians, as well as Malaysia’s stand on LGBT.

He also once again highlighted how Malaysia shifted its focus from the West to the East, and the fear of marginalisation of the smaller countries by the bigger nations.

Dr Mahathir is in London on a three-day working visit.

Accompanying him were his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, Foreign Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman and several senior officials.

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