Drain Discovery: Unidentified man spotted in underwear triggers a 5-hour police hunt in Hillview

Singapore police were on a five-hour hunt for a man spotted in his underwear along the drains in Hillview yesterday.

According to a report by TODAY, the Singapore Police Force deployed its Gurkha Contingent to search for a man allegedly spotted in his knickers along a drain in Hume Avenue.

Several Gurkha police officers, police vehicles and officers from the Public Utilities Board were present at the scene.

It is not confirmed whether the man has been found.

A witness named Victor Ilano told Today that he called the police after noticing a light shining out from one of the drain hole covers during an early morning workout at around 6:30am. He then noticed it was coming from a man in the drain, who seemed to be shining his phone light at a piece of luggage.

Llano filmed the man, who he thought was a repairman at first but later noticed that he was only wearing his underwear. He then called the police, who arrived minutes later and cordoned off the area till more backup arrived.

During the search, cleaners removed items like chairs, a mattress, and luggage, among other items that ultimately filled around 30 trash bags, which seemed to indicate that someone was living down there.

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