'Dream Big' from home: Christie's exhibits monumental sculpture online

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Despite current travel restrictions, art lovers can discover more than 50 monumental sculptures scattered around the globe in Christie's new selling exhibition.

The immersive presentation, dubbed "Dream Big," includes over 50 sculptures by renowned artists Rodin, Ai Wei Wei, Jeff Koons, Nikki de Saint Phalle, Richard Serra, Robert Indiana and Lynn Chadwick.

Valued between $100,000 and $1 million, most of the works on offer will be sold in-situ from their current homes around the world, including Australia, Yorkshire, San Francisco and Monaco.

"At a time when outdoor space at home is valued more than ever, this selling exhibition pays tribute to monumental sculpture by the greatest artists of the 20th century," Alice de Roquemaurel, Senior Director of Impressionist and Modern Art in New York, said in a statement.

The sculptures featured in "Dream Big" are presented on Christie's website in three thematic presentations, respectively named "The Human Form," "Nature" and "Abstraction."

Among them is a three-meter-high sculptural fountain by French artist Niki de Saint Phalle, entitled "Oiseau Amoureux," which once stood guard at the entrance of the Museum of Art and History in Freiburg, Germany.

Also included in "Dream Big" is Koons' "Smooth Egg with Bow (Magenta/Violet)," which is currently on loan at the Dixon Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. This sculpture of a vast pink egg belongs to the American artist's landmark "Celebration" series, taking its place alongside other major works such as "Balloon Dog" and "Tulips."

On view in "Nature," Richard Serra's "Torqued Ellipse III" is a highlight of Christie's new private selling exhibition. Rarely exhibited publicly, this unique sculpture hails from the critically cherished titular series completed by the American artist in the late 1990s.

To bridge the gap between a real and a virtual exhibition, Christie's has included immersive videos, photographs, detailed essays and a guide to scale to help potential buyers navigate through the sculptures on offer.

"The logistics of getting the sculptures to one site would be financially prohibitive and there are very few places that could accommodate so many enormous pieces. Clients are often interested in buying large outdoor sculptures but we've never created a dedicated sale before because we couldn't fit the works into our galleries," Vivian Brodie, associate director of Private Sales, said in a statement.

"Dream Big" is on view in the official website of Christie's through September 7.