Drew Barrymore gets the beauty vlogger treatment in powerful makeup tutorial

Ciara Sheppard
Contributor Yahoo Style UK

Drew Barrymore is one woman who we just can’t get enough of. From her 1990s pinup status to her searing honesty about parenting, divorce and body image, the woman is an icon in her own right.

Recently, Barrymore was given the beauty vlogger treatment, when she was called in by super influencer Nikkie Tutorials. Nikkie, who boast over 10 million followers on Instagram, called in the “Santa Clarita Diet” star for one of her signature “half-face of makeup” looks, and the results are incredible.

Drew Barrymore had her half-face of makeup done by Nikkie Tutorials. (Photo: Instagram/Drew Barrymore)

In the video recorded for YouTube, Barrymore is given half a face of heavy makeup, while the other half is left fresh-faced and bare. Aside for being extremely satisfying to watch, the experiment proves the transformative power makeup can have. However, we can all agree she looks gorgeous both ways.

Nikkie wrote: “When Drew invited me to Santa Barbara to get to know her makeup brand Flower Beauty (now at ULTA!) a little more, I asked Drew to join me on my channel for a POWER OF MAKEUP day! She said yes!!

“Drew is gorgeous both ways, but still, it was beyond surreal to see the power of makeup on this icon!”

The actress seemed to be equally as pleased with the result, writing on Instagram“I mean look at this picture. “Nikkie! I wish I could have preserved this look forever! I cry as I am washing your make up off every time!”

Watch the full tutorial below:

It’s not the first time Barrymore has gotten honest about beauty, after posting an undeniably “real” makeup-free selfie last year.

The blonde beauty shared the snap on Instagram, along with the caption “OH MY GOD how did I let it get this bad. Base and brows needed.”

The internet — understandably — couldn’t get enough of it.

“Thank you for posting a pic of a person looking like a real, living person as opposed to the new norm which is flawless frozen and embalmed,” one person wrote underneath the post.

We need more celebs like Drew Barrymore.

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