Drew Barrymore opens up about her personal menopause journey

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drew barrymore menopause perimenopause
Drew Barrymore on her perimenopause journey Taylor Hill - Getty Images

Drew Barrymore has opened up about her experience with perimenopause, and views on menopause as a whole, during a US TV discussion for CBS Mornings.

During a sit-down conversation on the show, Drew revealed that she knew she was in perimenopause when, "I started having my period every two weeks,” saying she experienced a heavy flow, “like a teenager.”

Drew asked one of her co-stars on the panel to describe what hot flashes, also referred to as hot flushes, felt like, as she hadn't experienced them herself. She added that while hot flashes or flushes were relatively well known, the same couldn't be said for other aspects of the menopause.

“Most of it seems very unfamiliar not just to men, but women," she said.

Drew explained how she sought medical advice when she started getting heavy, frequent periods: “One doctor just told me this could last, on the worst case scenario, ten years and I was like, I will never make it ten years like this.”

Drew also revealed she was offered hormone therapy but decided against for the meantime, although said she wouldn't rule it out if she felt she needed it further along in her journey.

“I said no because I really didn’t feel like the doctor who suggested it really understood where I was at, and it seemed pre-emptive," she said. "I don’t want to take something pre-emptively. At some point there might be a treatment that’s right for you, so don’t do it so fast, but don’t be a hero unnecessarily if you don’t have to be.”

drew barrymore menopause perimenopause
Paul Morigi - Getty Images

While reflecting on traditional, outdated perceptions surrounding women going through the menopause, Drew had a positive outlook: “I think more women in their 40s, 50s, 60s are looking so attractive, feeling so vibrant, living their best lives. The way menopause has been branded is, you’re old, you’re done - that’s not it!"

Towards the end of the interview, Drew was asked the one word she’d choose to describe menopause, and she said, “natural.”

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